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The BlackPool Lab is the institution through which we cultivate our edge, grow our assets and altogether master the world of play-to-earn gaming and yield-bearing NFTs.

It has many purposes and will be forever evolving. As you know, BlackPool is a DAO with the aim to be fully autonomous and controlled by the people. This is why The Lab provides our community with the tools to be actively involved in BlackPool’s activities and library of detailed analysis on games, protocols, collections, etc.

Among many other things to come, The Lab aims to involve the BlackPool community with investments and activities, and provide support, feedback and advice in order to assess and strengthen investment and partnership proposals. Going through The Lab, contributors from the community can request assistance such as analysis on tokenomics & market research that requires specific skills from BlackPool core team members, before submission of a proposal to the DAO.

The overall goal to organise research, knowledge and perspectives of NFT projects will contribute toward the realisation of a library of open-access documents from lab reports to peer-reviewed articles and quality assessments, in fine, serving as a benchmark for new NFT projects.